Our Board

board-kisaeKisae Petersen has been an island resident for 19 years and is raising two sons. During her career as a bookkeeper, Kisae has enjoyed using her business and organizational skills to support many non-profit organizations on Salt Spring Island. One of Kisae’s passions is volunteering in the community, with a focus on youth, social programs and affordable housing. She is dedicated to positive governance, building community relationships and social change. Kisae enjoys her work with the Salt Spring Island Foundation and Island Women Against Violence to improve the quality of life on Salt Spring. Outside of the office, Kisae enjoys spending time with her family or playing in her garden.


board-coraCora Platz ~ From childhood fort building to teenage hours spent sketching the perfect floor plan on graph paper to an adult home renovation hobby, I think that my fascination with houses stems from the primal, human need for shelter. Living on Salt Spring for the past 19 years has introduced me to the challenges of meeting that need in an environment where real estate values are high and rental opportunities are limited and unreliable. I believe that to thrive, every community needs a diverse population that spans age groups, abilities and socio-economic background. If Salt Spring is going to maintain such diversity, affordable, secure housing must be available for all. Working on the Salt Spring Housing Council gives me the opportunity to give back to the community while indulging my fascination with the home.


Donald Gunn ~ bio to come.


Jane Patterson ~ bio to come.